JEE Main Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Crack JEE Main 2023

JEE Main Entrance Exam is one of the most prominent and respected exams in India. It is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA). A national agency has been set up in India to arrange admission to various Indian universities. IIT JEE offers doors to various engineering colleges in India. It also helps the students get accepted into one of the most recognized engineering colleges in India. These engineering colleges consist of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the National Institute of Technology (NIT).

Strategies to Crack the JEE MAIN

The various strategies that will help you crack the examination are:

Emphasize Class 11 Topics

You should emphasize the class 11 topics and systematically concentrate on them before the IIT JEEs. Communicate to your subject teachers and sort out a memorandum from the easiest to the most advanced topics.

Stop Looking for Multiple Channels and Text Books

Do not get too much involved with too many sources of books and other journals that can mix up your mind. It will just cause overcrowding of information.

Focus on Self-Study

Devote time to yourself before everything else you want to explore in your studies. Allocate time to your studies and revise daily. This will facilitate you in retaining more information. Regardless of which subject you are studying, make sure that you practice every subject yourself. This will clear your concepts in the best manner.

Stay with the Questions More

Practice the questions yourself. Do not speed up toward the answers or solutions. Rather than, be calm with the questions and give enough time to them. Do not look at the solutions first; attempt solving it yourself and give it different tries.

Avoid Creating Fresh Backlogs

Before making new backlogs, ensure that you have cleared the old ones. Revise the concepts comprehensively. Read related concepts beforehand to have a list of the topic ahead of it is taught.

Prepare For your Boards Side by Side

Do not hold the preparation of your boards aside. Provide ample time to your boards also. Do not make a distinction between your boards and JEE mains. Approach the concepts so that you are prepared for both examinations comprehensively.

Finish your Syllabus by October

Since the IIT JEE Mains examination is anticipated for January; you must complete the complete syllabus by October to have sufficient time to revise the 11th and 12th curriculum and syllabus.

Do Not Expect Quick Results

You are required to be patient to see the results of your hard work. Stay with your dedication and determination. You will see the outcomes gradually.

Enjoy the Procedure

Make use of your preparation procedure to learn something new every day. Do not concentrate on the marks or success but on what every topic educates you.

JEE Main Timetable

JEE Main is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams which secures your admission to one of the premier institutes in the country. To excel in the exam easily, candidates have to make an accurate timetable and follow it systematically. While preparing for every topic, the candidates are required to note down the essential topics or points from the similar. 

JEE Main Routine Timetable on a regular basis

Time table to be followed together with the information related to how many hours to give to preparations of every section such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, mock test, etc. is provided below:


Hours Tasks Concepts to be Marked Time Duration
7:45 to 8:00 Arouse and freshen up/prepare for learning
8:00 to 10:30 Study  Chemistry 2.5 Hours
10:30 to 11:00 Breakfast
11:00 to 2:00 Study Mathematics 3 Hours
2:00 to 3:30 Lunch/sleep or relaxation time
3:30 to 6:00 Study Physics 2.5 Hours
6:00 to 6:30 A short break and relaxation time
6:30 to 8:30 Study Try any mock test or Practice previous years’ question papers 2 Hours
8:30 to 9:30 Dinner/Relaxation time
9:30 to 11:30 Revision Revise all the concepts studied the whole day, Analyze your mock test 2 Hours

The timetable is to be followed on a regular basis for 3 months before the exam and once the examination comes close, begin dedicating more time to Revision and attempting mock tests together with the previous years’ question paper. Candidates must prioritize more on revision and attempting mock tests since they assist us to prepare in a better way and let us understand our strengths and weaknesses. Previous years’ question tests and mock tests give a synopsis of the exam pattern and also the marking scheme.

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